Wednesday, 8 October 2014

iOS 7 Cloud activation By Hacktivate Tool

A new activation lock bypass

  • just add this to you host file on your pc or mac
  • Then open itunes
  • Press Yes and Continue

How to use

1) Download and install the utility iPhone4_Hacktivate_Tool
2) Open iPhone4_Hacktivate_Tool
3) Put your iphone4 into DFU mode
4) Press Button 1 to run the ssh_rd tool
5) Wait until ssh_rd tool is done
6) Run number 2 to mount your devices filesystem
7) Now run number 3 to copy the needed files over to hacktivate your iphone 4
8) Your device will reboot and go into restore mode
9) Press the exit recovery buttIon
10) :-)
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