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How To Root Android the Easy Way ?

How To Root Android the Easy Way

As the world slowly awakens to the power of android devices, more users are looking for additional customization, and to exploit the true power of various Android operating systems. To gain this type of access, many users are learning to root android devices. While initially a daunting and somewhat risky proposition, we’re going to show you how to root android devices, quickly and easily.

Why would I need to learn how to root android devices?

Aside from gaining root level privileges to control every aspect of the phone’s operating system in much the same way an administrator can make changes to a window’s PC, rooting  android devices adds value to your android device  in the following ways:

Customized appearance

After you’re done rooting your android phone you will be able to customize every aspect of your phone’s on-screen appearance, from colors which apps can be shown where, to changing themes, you will have complete control over the look and feel of your device’s screen.

Save Apps to your SD card

Once rooted, you will have the ability to store and launch apps from your SD card. Doing so can greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of your android device. By moving infrequently used files to the SD card, you free up space in the system memory which allows the device to perform faster.

Get apps from other android builds

When you root your android device, you essentially can load hybrid ROMs that facilitate the use of apps designed for more recent OS builds than ones your phone may support in its factory configuration. This can allow you to extend the useable life of your phone, saving you money!

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tethering

After you learn how to root android phones, you gain the ability to tether the device to other Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices. This means that you can use your phone as a hotspot or access point without paying for an additional data plan. This feature alone can save users hundreds of dollars per year!

How to root your device

There are multiple ways you can root your device, but they are basically broken down into two methods; do-it-yourself, or use a professionally created software package.

Method #1: DIY

The first method requires you to do a little research to ensure you get the correct rom build for your device. Once you have downloaded and uncompressed the ROM, you will need to install it onto your device. This is where things can get sticky as a botched install can “brick” your device rendering it inoperable. If this happens you will not be able to get assistance from the manufacturer or your carrier to restore the device. Because of the inherent risk of this method, it’s important to understand your alternatives

Method #2: Professional software solutions

Unlike the do-it-yourself method; this method uses professionally developed software selects the correct ROM and offers a 1-click installation. You remove much of the potential for operator error, thus greatly increasing the chances for a successful root of your android device.

The best way to root android devices

Our recommendation for how to root android devices is to use a professional software solution. We have had excellent success with a software package that is as easy as 1-2-3. Just download the software, connect your android device to your PC, and root your device. Backed with a satisfaction guarantee, we haven’t found a better way to root your android phone.


There are two main disadvantages to rooting and Android phone;

Rooting immediately voids your phone's warranty-Once rooted, don't try to bring your phone back for service or warranty work.  You are on your own!

Rooting involves the risk of "bricking" your phone-In essence, a "bricked" phone is no better than carrying around a brick in your pocket. The phone is dead when it has been "bricked."
Other potential disadvantages, though less severe, are still worthy of consideration;

Poor performance-Though the intention of "rooting" a phone is to give the phone more performance, several users have found that, in their attempts to speed up the phone or add additional features, that their phones lost both performance speed and features. Remember that when you "root" your Android phone, you are making changes to the stock operating system.

Viruses-Yes, even phones can get viruses. A common practice that people do with "rooted" phones is to flash their ROM's with custom programs. Whenever you make changes to the code of a software, you run the risk of introducing a virus.


"Rooting" your Android phone does afford you numerous benefits, including;

Running special applications-Superuser is an app that can only be run on a rooted Android phone. This allows you to control which apps have access to the "root" system. Another popular application that "rooting" affords is the ability to tether a computer to your Android phone so that the computer can access the Internet using the phone's data connection. Another program can allow your Android to be used as a WiFi Hotspot without having to pay your provider for the feature.

Freeing up memory-When you install an app on your phone, it is stored on the phone's memory. "Rooting" allows you to move installed applications to your SD card, thus freeing up system memory for additional files or apps.

Custom ROM's-This is the most powerful feature of "rooted" phones. There are hundreds of custom ROM's that can do anything from speeding up the processing speed of your phone to changing the entire look and feel of your phone.

The decision to "root" your Android phone is one that should not be rushed into. Though the allure of having an unlocked phone is powerful, having a "bricked" phone is, trust me, not very much fun. 

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