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How to add More toggles In Samsung devices

Hey folks,

Now we are introducing new simple trick for adding some toggles on a Samung Devices Just like Samsung S2, Samsung S Advance, Samung  Galaxy Ace,....etc.   

Notice: You should be running on stock android to do this. This requires root and although it’s not so risky but it is always better to have a backup. Also please do not blame me if you softbrick your device.. Do at your own risk!! It worked for me and it should work for anyone running stock rooted like I am.Okay.. so, here’s what you need:

  1.  Rooted Galaxy Phone  (How To Root Android the Easy Way ?)
  2.  Sqlite editor app DownloadHere

Dts all!!

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. (Open sqlite and give root permission. It should show a list
  2.  Scroll down to “Settings Storage” and open it
  3.  Open “Settings.db
  4.  Next, tap “System
  5. Scroll down until you find “notification_panel_active_app_list” NOT the notification_panel_default_active_app_list.Tap it. If it’s not present (well… it was not present for me atleast)(Make sure to Check Properly),then tap the menu key and then tap new record. Set the name to “notification_panel_active_app_list” and under value type the following Code (without quotes"):


 Note : Codes are case sensitive

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