Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nokia 5230 Reviewed

The new 5230, from Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia, is an inexpensive younger brother to the more powerful Nokia N97, sharing many features with this archetypal such as a abut screen, media playback, a digital camera, and GPS navigation.
Up until now, most of the touchscreen smartphones on the market have been rather expensive, with models such as the Nexus One, The Xperia X10, and the iPhone estimate upwards of 200GBP. The 5230 is listed at a arrangement cellar price of 118GBP, which brings the smartphone in the reach of the average consumer for the first time.
Files such as MP3s and video clips can be stored on removable Micro SD cards, and the 5230 comes with a four gigabyte card pre installed, which is more than sufficient for most peoples needs. The camera only has a absolute of two megapixels, but despite this, the image quality is rather good.
As with many added abut screen smartphones, the Nokia 5230 does not aspect a hardware keyboard, and you have to use a relative onscreen piano for most tasks. There are more buttons than you would find on added smartphones, however, such as a dedicated camera button, a sliding lock, a menu button, and red and green call buttons.
As with most added Nokia smartphones, the 5230 uses the popular Symbian inaction system. This catalyst that present are a lot less apps available for it than present for Android based phones and the iPhone, but it does have the advantage of as a more tried and trusted form than also of these.
For an admittance bank phone, the call quality is astonishingly good, with Crystal absolve Audio and very few drop outs and irrelevant noises. Also, the touchscreen is very responsive, particularly when ingoing text and numbers, and outperforms many more expensive phones in this regard.
The phone supports all the biggest gregarious networking services, such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, and the integration with added phone features such is astonishingly good. The lack of Wi Fi connectivity catalyst that Internet access is forever leaving to be a bit slow, but apart from this, the phone cog´s quite well for browsing and emailing.
Many of the more popular Symbian apps, such as Gmail, assume that a hardware piano is connected, and will not work without one. You can get around this by using the browser to access these services, but it would have been nice if Nokia had sorted out these issues ago releasing the phone.

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